From a young age, Anna was fascinated by the behavior of people controlled by the mass media and marketing. This control already begins at an early age at school, where individuality and collectivity collide. Thus she developed silhouettes by draping and deconstructing various school uniforms and by using repetitions of 3D panels new shapes with a clean cut were born. Various techniques of pleating were applied on materials used for school uniforms such as lightweight cotton, shiny tie silks, and heavy wool. To add a raw edge to the collection Anna collaborated with a furniture fabric company, de Ploeg, and used their leftover materials. By re-using existing prints and layering of fabrics new prints were realized. This collection not only contains a collision of cultures but also dynamics between theory, materials, and shapes.

In addition inspired by films by Busby Berkely, where women that look identical form kaleidoscopic shapes, prints which reflect the social pressure were designed. In the collection, FOLLOWSUIT, uniformity versus individuality plays a big role. By combining different materials and detailing this collection was made with an intention to provide a critical yet highly aesthetic intersection with reality.

Photography | Team Peter Stigter | Hair | Redken